Agile-SMC (2)This program is aligned with the most recent version of the Scrum guide (November 2020) and is designed to help participants grasp the Agile philosophy and deepen their understanding of how Scrum works in the management of products or projects, with an emphasis on the Scrum Master’s role.

Graduates of the session will be fully prepared to sit for one of the most widely recognized international certification for the Scrum Master role: “Professional Scrum Master (PSM)*” from


The Scrum Master role is one of three formal roles that exist in a Scrum team. He is the one who ensures that the team members understand and use the Scrum methodology, and that the leaders surrounding the team adhere to the Scrum values and principles in order to create the necessary context for optimal performance.

Along with ensuring that the team understands how to work, the Scrum Master is responsible for motivating the team, mediating conflicts, and facilitating decision-making while maintaining the team’s autonomy.


SCRUM is the most widely used agile project or product management framework; 81% of organizations that have adopted the Agile way of working have implemented Scrum-based methods (according to the State of Agile 2021 report, from ).

Scrum is an adaptive, iterative, rapid, flexible, and efficient framework for delivering significant added value as quickly as possible throughout the lifecycle of a project of any complexity or through continuous improvement of a product or service line, in complex environments with rapidly changing market contexts or customer needs.



By completing this program, you will be able to comprehend the following:

– Agile philosophy and the Scrum framework, with the values and principles that underpin empiricism and value-based prioritization

– The importance of autonomous, self-managed teams and the need for leaders to shift their perspective from managing to serving the team

– How to plan in an agile and transparent manner and work iteratively and incrementally

– Scrum team roles and responsibilities

– Scrum Master skills and behaviors

– Scrum best practices: techniques and tools


Level: Advanced

Training duration: 2 full days of training followed by half a day of recapitulation and examination

Suitable for:

  • Anyone who is or will be involved in Scrum-based projects or products development;
  • Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Scrum and its associated practices;
  • Those interested in pursuing a career as a Scrum Master: training and coaching individuals and organizations in the adoption and use of Scrum in any industry.


Minimum prerequisite knowledge: reading the pre-course material (1-3 hours of independent study)



– The course includes a certificate for graduating the SCRUM MASTER CLASS for students that pass the course examination.

– (Optional) “Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) *” certification exam administered by The examination fee may be paid through Enviso at the time of course registration or separately at any time following the course.


* Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) is a registered trademark of, which administers the certification. This page is not affiliated with, although the course does serve as a structured preparation for this certification.


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