Robotic Process Automation is a modern automation trend, based on the implementation of “software robots”, which interprets human behavior in interaction with a company information system. Software robots are created to replace people in repetitive tasks, which require interaction between different applications or complex information systems. Repetitive transactional activities and their large volume can induce demotivation, lack of attention and consequently, a high probability of producing unintended errors.

Software robots (sometimes called “artifacts”) are not another software application implemented within the organization to solve a specific business problem. Creating software robots requires a complete understanding of the organization’s processes, as it is based on a complete process approach framework.

RPA consulting stage

Our approach is of the “end-to-end” type. It involves 4 main stages:

  • Process discovery and qualification

In this stage, together with the representatives of the organization, we will create the map of the company’s processes, we will choose the processes that qualify for automation through software robots. This approach aims to identify the appropriate processes that can be automated, to establish the appropriate process performance indicators and to establish a reference base for current and future measurements.

  • Standardization of processes

For the “candidate” processes, we perform a standardization of them using specific Lean techniques and a measurement of the performance of the standardized process.

  • Process automation using software robots

Once the process variation is reduced to acceptable limits, we will begin the development of software robots using a specific platform that offers tools and techniques for building the robot software components. The development is iterative until the artifacts are finalized, tested and validated by the representatives of the organization.

  • Implementation

In the final stage, the artifacts are implemented in the production environment.

The performance of the automated process is evaluated over a predetermined period of time to calculate the value for the business.


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