We are a multinational consultancy company founded in 2006, training provider and international center for examination and certification in Lean Six Sigma, Lean Management, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Innovation, Operational Excellence and BPMN.

We partner with International Lean Six Sigma Institute (https://www.ilssi.org), Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals (https://www.lssiap/org), International Association for Six Sigma Certification (https://www.iassc.org).

Our consultants and trainers are internationally certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and have been involved over the years in large training and consultancy projects in UK, France, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Norway, Austria, Costa Rica, Oman, Bulgaria in various areas like:

Energy, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Pharma, Automotive, Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transport, IT&C, Retail, e-Commerce, Logistics..

Since 2006 we have trained and certified more than 18.000 trainees from 32 countries.

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Mission, Vision, Values


Enviso is a major global training and consultancy provider of innovative solutions that challenge the status quo of an increasingly connected world.


Our mission is to anticipate tomorrow’s needs, to drive transformation that brings sustainable development for our customers. We strive to be the best at what we do by shaping the future and unlocking innovation.


Integrity:  We set high standards for behavior and stick to them. We remain dedicated and self- controlled even when challenged.

Respect : for the individual Every individual can make a difference.

Partnership : Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Anticipation : We are leveraging Industry 4.0, preparing our customers for the future.

Commitment : We are committed to excellence that will enable sustainable development.

Innovation : is change that unlocks new opportunities.

Ethics : We do what is right, not what is easy.

Responsibility : We only make promises we can keep.

Training and Certification

Enviso is a training and consulting company in the area of improving business processes. Founded 12 years ago, Enviso trained and certified more than 2500 Specialists in 30 countries.

The international activity of training and consulting has expanded significantly in the last 3 years. We offer consulting services on improving business processes in Romania, France, Switzerland, Norway, UK.

Enviso is partner of International Association for Six Sigma Certification (iassc.org), Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals (lssiap.org), Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (pecb.com), Minitab (minitab.com), Innovation Association of Professionals (innoap.org), Peoplecert (peoplecert.org) etc.

Enviso offers training in process improvement methodologies, but also in soft skills techniques that support the successful implementation of these methodologies:

Enviso’s innovative approach consist in transforming the classic training in actual working workshop on customer processes, regardless of the industry, providing coaching on improvement projects initiated during these workshops.




International Lean Six Sigma Institute,
Cambridge, UK



Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals, USA


Head of Customer Excellence



Head of Operational Excellence

Stavanger, Norway



Vanguards Consulting, president ABPMP ,

Florenta NEAGU

Banking expert

Unicredit Services,
Vienna, Austria

Nikola Hadzhihristev

Plant Director


Thanks Constantin STAN and Alexandra Niculae especially!  Thanks ENVISO! Thankful for great and useful training!


General Director

Hong Kong

I worked with Enviso both in Romania and in Hong Kong.  The trainers were excellent, very professional, knowledgeable, and they created positive learning environments.  My teams enjoyed working with Enviso as well, I received nothing but positive feedback about all the Enviso instructors who worked with us.  The training and coaching sessions performed by the Enviso consultants were energizing and filled with lots of practical ideas.  Enviso brought substantial and in-depth knowledge and paired it with real in-house case studies, helping us learn from experience while being fully practice-oriented.  Actually, I liked the most the fact that we worked on real processes existing in our company.  I fully recommend Enviso for companies looking to optimize their internal processes, to increase customer satisfaction, and to implement operational excellence.

Nico Hensgens



Thank you very much for the engaging and insightful course and your support in achieving Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification!

Jean Hugues Bourgeois

Plant Director Sedis


Merci beaucoup pour cette formation! Très utile, très efficace! En plus, ce certificat international Black Belt Lean Six Sigma me permet de dispenser des formations certifiantes en plus de mes interventions de conseil en entreprise. Bravo, Enviso !

Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Belgium, France, Austria, Hong Kong, UK


Constantin Stan Enviso

Constantin STAN is the Managing Partner of Enviso,  having over 20 years experience in process improvement within large organizations. He runs Lean Six Sigma, Lean Management, Business Process Management, Innovation, RPA projects with impact on both business processes and people skills for continuous improvement development.  He is certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, his expertise covering a wide range of industries and services, ranging from high-speed train (TGV) to banking services, from the pharmaceuticals industry to sale and distribution, from maintenance to healthcare, from automotive to IT&C, having successfully completed projects in France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Oman, Bulgaria, Austria. As an accredited international consultant of ILSSI, IASSC, LSSIAP, ASQ, AQI, Constantin has trained and certified thousands of Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts. He considers that the success of  an organization cannot be maintained only through an ongoing effort of improving and is convinced that 85% of errors are not due to their employees, but to the business processes that have not been optimized. In addition, he considers that in today’s competitive and globalized world, performance is no longer a condition of success, but of survival.

Constantin is engineer and has a master in business. He also has studied Big Data at MIT

LinkedIn profile : https://ch.linkedin.com/in/constantinstan

Alexandra Niculae Enviso

Alexandra NICULAE, Training Director, joined Enviso in 2010 and has an experience of over 12 years in implementing methodologies for continuous improvement. She is involved in Lean Management, Six Sigma and Business Process Management projects with impact on business processes, but also on the development of skills for continuous improvement, both in Romania, as well as in France, Norway and Switzerland. Her expertise covers areas such as pharmaceuticals industry, FMCG, manufacturing industries, logistics, financial services, oil & gas, etc. She is Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified and a Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals (lssiap.org) authorized consultant, as well as a representative in Romania of Adonis Business Process Management from Vienna. Alexandra believes that without knowing what your customers want, how and when, can be quite difficult to achieve the desired results. You need to have courage, an open mind and the desire to learn in order to be able to identify the most effective and promising opportunities, because the methodologies to improve business processes are not universal remedies, each client deserves perfectly adapted programs to their activity.

Alexandra is fluent in English, French and Dutch, and considers that continuous improvement is mandatory in a constantly changing world and a highly competitive environment. She has a master in BPM. She also has studied Big Data at MIT

LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandraniculae

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Ştefan BURCHILA  , Business Development Director,  joined Enviso in 2014 , having an experience of over 8 years in improving processes within organizations across industries. He is involved in lean management, six sigma and business process management projects with impact on business processes, but also to the development of skills for continuous improvement. His expertise covers areas such as FMCG, manufacturing industries and logistics. He is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified and project manager.

Stefan is passionate about his work and considers that business process improvement methodologies are not universal remedies, each client deserves customized programs, perfectly adapted to their activities. Stefan believes that continuous improvement is required in a dynamic and highly competitive world.

He is a graduate of Technical University of Construction, with a doctoral degree in progress.

LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefan-burchila-79458156

Ana Preda Enviso

Ana PREDA , Programs Development Director, joined Enviso team in 2010. Having an experience of over 6 years on the market of training and certification with regards to continuous improvement methodologies, Ana develops and manages the portfolio of our customers aiming, in the first place, a relationship based on trust and performance between us and each of our customers. As Office Manager, Ana knows the smallest details of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management programs offered by our company and she is able to respond to any question like a real professional.

As far as she is concerned, there is no question without answer, problem without solution or limits which cannot be overcome.

Ana is fluent in English and French and she  is a graduate of the University of Bucharest.

LinkedIn Profile : https://ro.linkedin.com/in/ana-preda-25b562112

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Gabriel BRATILA , Coaching Director, joined Enviso in 2021 after 21 years of experience in multinational financial services. He covered areas of Operations, PMO, IT and Business Strategic Planning at operational middle management and executive levels. He combines extensive practical experience in project and portfolio management (Prince2, Agile), business and IT process management and improvement (Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement), digital and Agile transformation, people development, governance and strategic business planning. In his career he set-up from zero different teams or departments, hiring people, set-up processes, tools, leading and developing the team.

Gabriel enjoys meeting new people and he is passionate about contributing to their development and successful career paths. He believes in working smart rather that working hard, promotes “productive laziness” (others call it efficiency) and encourages people to be flexible and agile in their approach to work while keeping a healthy work-life balance.

He is graduated of Bucharest University and certified Prince 2 Practitioner in Project Management, Program and Portfolio Management, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and IT Services Management (ITIL v4)

LinkedIn profile: (2) Gabriel Eduard Brătilă | LinkedIn

Andaluza Boncu Enviso

Andaluza Boncu, Innovation Director, joined Enviso in 2022, bringing 12 years of expertise in project and program management, operations, finance, and customer experience in global corporations based in both Romania and Switzerland. She has been involved in designing, coordinating, and implementing programs and projects for the development and training of employees in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, fast moving consumer goods, business process outsourcing, human resources, finance, and continuous improvement and innovation. She is a Certified Design Thinking Expert, Project Manager, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Master of Integrative Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She values trust and transparency in her relationships and feels that the only constant in life is change. Additionally, in her opinion, being present for the customer entails remembering that whoever recognizes a problem also possesses the solution and requires only guidance toward the optimal variant that satisfies the requirements.

Andaluza is proficient in English and German and believes that a company’s key values should include constant improvement and innovation.

She studied economical engineering in German and holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master in integrative NLP.

LinkedIn profile: Andaluza Elisabeta Boncu | LinkedIn

Didier Varlot Enviso

Didier VARLOT, senior consultant,  runs training and consultancy activities on process improvement, for companies in the banking sector, industrial, oil and gas, logistics, etc. He has an experience of over 20 years in multinational companies, at top level management, as well as in the field of process improvement.

He was involved in process optimization and reorganization projects, hazardous waste management and special situations management (natural disasters). He has successfully completed projects in Romania, as well as in France, Brazil, the United States of America, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Passionate about informatics, Didier is always aware of the latest gadgets, in particular those launched by Apple.

LinkedIn profile:  https://ro.linkedin.com/in/dvarlot

Norin Pangratie, senior consultant, is involved in activities of training and consulting on improving processes, using BPM, Lean Six-Sigma (design programs, conducting training sessions and international certification, coaching for the Green and Black Belt projects) methodologies,  for companies in telecommunications, banking, industrial, and public administration, etc. He’s also Data Sciencce expert, leading many successful data analysis projects.

He has an experience of over 20 years in multinational companies in the field of process improvement. He was involved in processes optimization and reorganization projects. He is Green Belt and BPM expert certified. Norin strongly believes that without modeling processes, companies are wasting their time and money.

LinkedIn profile: (4) Norin Pangratie | LinkedIn