Agile-ASF (2)

This session is suitable for those interested in learning about the values and principles underlying the Agile way of working, as well as the key components of SCRUM, the most widely used agile project or product management method: 81% of businesses that have adopted Agile, have implemented SCRUM-based methods (according to the State of Agile 2021 report from

The specialists who participate in this session will acquire the necessary knowledge to comprehend the agile way of working and will be able to work more easily in teams that use these Scrum methods under the supervision of a Scrum Master.


By completing this program, you will be able to comprehend the following:

– Agile values and principles

– The importance of requirement prioritization in Agile

– Iterative and incremental development modes

– Scrum principles and roles

– What is Scrum, what is the Product Backlog, and what is a Sprint

– Scrum best practices: the use of User Stories and the ScrumBoard, as well as practices for prioritization


Level: Foundation

Training duration: 1 day (6h)

Suitable for: Anyone interested in learning more about Agile and Scrum, employees of companies or teams that use the Scrum methodology, and those interested in taking the first step toward a professional career in Agile or Scrum.

Minimum prerequisite knowledge: none

Certification: The course includes a complimentary certificate of completion for the AGILE & SCRUM FOUNDATION session.

Alexandra Niculae Enviso

Registration and details:

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