Master Black Belt Mission

Today’s executives are faced with ever changing business needs and circumstances. The top challenges for business improvement leaders include enhancing the customer’s experience, driving higher levels of employee engagement, as well as developing a workforce of world- class leaders, just to highlight a few of the crucial imperatives.

To tackle these imperatives, an enterprise must focus on the creation of value in every aspect of the business relationship. When this occurs, the net effect is not only more business, but better business – for the customer and provider. Clearly, this is today’s challenge.

To realize victory in business means that the leadership of an organization must continually focus on improving the quality of their business – not just producing higher quality products and services.

This is the mission of an Master Black Belt.

MBB candidates will  develop a strong business acumen that , when coupled with their newfound leadership principles and critical thinking skills, will facilitate greater levels of innovation within their respective organizations.  In this regard, they will discover how to effectively deploy and implement a highly productive Integrated Continuous Improvement program – from the top-down or bottom-up.

The MBB candidates will  learn new ways to better leverage their existing  technical skills  to strengthen and extend the associations between operational performance and business results.  The structured laboratory experiences will test the limits of their capabilities – statistically, analytically and cognitively.   In this way, they learn how to better leverage the skills and knowledge of others.

Description of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt LSSIAP 

The Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals is internationally recognized mark of distinction.  Owing to this; and the long heritage of Six Sigma, the MBB certification is a highly credible authentication of your business improvement leadership and technical skills.  Through this certification, you will be able to create significantly higher levels of value for your business as well as yourself.

The MBB diploma represents the supreme certification in the arenas of business and process improvement .

The Master Black Belt certification is a mark of career excellence. A Master Black Belt has the qualifications to teach, train and coach other Lean Six Sigma specialists in the methodologies, tools and applications of all functions in the organization. The Master Black Belt also helps senior management determine what the best application of process improvement projects can be to meet the strategic objectives of the organization. The Master Black Beltpossesses good leadership and interpersonal skills and also has the ability to apply the Six Sigma methodology to any business process.

We offer 5 days of interactive training in order to familiarize the participants with all the necessary tools for conducting a process improvement project at the highest level.

By the end of this training, the participants will have the skill set to coach, mentor, and advise other Lean Six Sigma specialists as well as the senior leadership team of their organization.

Course level:

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Course length:

The Master Black Belt  program is 5 days in total duration,

Who can participate:

The Master Black Belt  Training and Certification Program is designed to prepare existing Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, or Executives  for leading, expanding and sustaining an Integrated Continuous Improvement program. Of course, the aim of this initiative is to make substantial improvements in the core processes of a business enterprise that will strengthen and extend the total business value proposition. The MBB program will provide you with the  human and technical skills that are essential to design and launch a highly successful business improvement campaign – driven from the top-down or bottom-up. You will also learn the knowledge and skills that are needed to sustain the gains over time.

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