LSSIAP Certificate Operational Excellence Expert

Reference Text/Materials

  • Print files for student binder of training slide copies
  • The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume I: The Basics
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume II: Business Deployment
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III: Improvement Project Execution
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide
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Experts (one week training) learn how to transition traditional table of numbers, red-yellow-green, stacked bar charts and other scorecards to 30,000-foot-level predictive performance metric reporting. Attendees to this training will also be able to link these performance measures to the processes that created them through a clickable organizational IEE value chain. Attendees will also gain insight to the utilization of various tools in the 9-step IEE roadmap to analytically determine where improvement efforts should focus so that the enterprise as a whole benefit. Trainees will learn how to create an organization IEE infrastructure 


DAY 1:

1. Opening and Introductions

2. Challenges Facing Leaders – An Integrated Enterprise Excellence Resolution

3. Traditional Scorecards, Strategy Building, and their Issues          

4. Assessing Traditional Performance Metric Reporting Effectiveness

5. Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Scorecards: Introduction

6. IEE Scorecards and the System

 7. IEE Process Pred. and Capability (Continuous, Normal)

8. IEE Scorecards and Good Metrics

9. Minitab IEE EPRS (Enterprise Perf. Reporting System) Add-in Overview

10. IEE 30,000-foot-level Reporting using EPRS Add-in (Continuous, Normal Data)

11. Coin Toss Exercise

12. IEE Process Pred. and Capability (Continuous, Non-normal Data) 

 DAY 2:

Homework Discussion

13. Satellite and Trending Data

14. IEE Process Pred. and Cap./Performance (Attribute)

15. IEE Process Predictability and Process Capability/Performance Considering Seasonality

16. Process Improvement Strategies

17. Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System

18. IEE Business System and Value Chain

19. Exercise Hotel (or Company) 1: Initiating the Creation of a IEE Value Chain

20. Creating a Clickable IEE Value Chain

21. Integration of EPRS Metrics and Processes in an Operational Excellence System

DAY 3:

Homework Discussion

22. Enterprise Analyze Overview

23. Data collection

24. Theory of Constraints 

25. Hotel (or Company) Exercise 4: Vision, Mission, and VOC

26. Hotel (or Company) Exercise 5: IEE Value Chain Metrics

Video – The Goal

27. Enterprise Lean and VSM

28. Enterprise Analyze overview 

29. Enterprise Logic of Inference tests  

30. Enterprise Multiple Regression

31, Enterprise Logistic Regression

32. Variance Components 

DAY 4:

Homework Discussion

33. ANOVA 

34. ANOM Binomial Data Analyses – Differing Sample Sizes

35. Enterprise Risk Analysis Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA) Analysis

36, Enterprise Analysis and Identification of Project Opportunities

37. Team Exercise: Value Chain Analysis and EIP Creation

38. IEE Process Improvement Project Execution

39. IEE Process Improvement and Design of Experiments: Matrix creation and analysis

40. IEE Improve Phase Design Projects

41. IEE Organizational Control Phase

42. IEE Application and Infrastructure 

DAY 5:

Homework Discussion

43. Hotel (or Company) Exercise 6 – IEE Enterprise Analyze

44. Hotel (or Company) Exercise 7 – Enterprise Improve

45. Hotel (or Company) Exercise 8 – Enterprise Control

46. Exercise: Team presentation of class created hotel or company IEE implementation

47. Wrap-up 

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